#Ÿnsecter – Maroua Nouri, Process Online Analysis Engineer


Get to know Maroua, the Ÿnsecter who likes challenges

Before February 2020, Maroua had never heard of Ÿnsect. Even as a child, Maroua knew that she wanted to invent things: “I was already passionate about new technologies and innovation as a kid. I knew I didn’t want a repetitive job when I grew up“. She began studying science, which led her to SupAgro Montpellier. She combined two of her passions into one strength: agriculture and technology, by joining AgroTIC. In 2018, she got a PhD in process engineering. There, she completed several internships as a Project Manager where she worked on the use of drone images for agriculture and image analysis to detect diseases within trees, etc. In February 2020, while she was working there, Ÿnsect offered her a job as Online Analysis Engineer. The opportunity was too good to pass up, so Maroua decided to take the plunge!


At Ÿnsect, Maroua works on the construction of Ÿnfarm.

She selects the quality control sensors, conducts tests, contacts suppliers, leads negotiations, etc. Altough Maroua only joined Ÿnsect a few days before the first lockdown, she has found memories of her first days with her colleagues : “we were on a project using complex technology of whose tests were inconclusive. We had to adapt and change our way of working, and managed to get conclusive results! Everyone congratuled me, and I was very proud of that“. On a daily basis, Maroua works along with different teams : R&D, biosecurity, process, quality etc. According to her, the transversality of her job requires certain qualities: “Technical skills are of course compulsory, but so is management and organisation skills. You have to manage your time well, as well as many different schedules.”


Even though she is only just coming up to her 2-year anniversary at Ÿnsect, Maroua is already really proud of what she accomplished within the company: “the project is very ambitious, and I was operational as soon as I arrived: leading projects, making decisions. Today, I can tangibly gauge the impact of my work thanks to the construction progress of Ÿnfarm“. For Maroua, tenacity has been at the core of her journey : “internal projects mean being persistent ! We have to be tenacious to succeed all together“. In this spirit, she chooses solidarity as her favorite value of Ÿnsect: “I could have chosen adaptability because I think it’s crucial to progress, but I will say solidarity because in my opinion, it’s essential: there has never been a successful project without the help of others!