#Ÿnsecter – Philippe Glinel, Performance Controller


Get to know Philippe, Ÿnsect’s facilitator

At Ÿnsect, Philippe is a Performance Controller. His job is to facilitate communication between Ÿnfarm and top management through regular reporting. He checks costs, ensuring that they are correct, and that all contracts are respected. He travels between both the Amiens and Paris sites. After graduating in accounting, he started his career in 1983 in an American SME, where he stayed for seven years, to implement the IT system. Thanks to his knowledge in this field and in English, he quickly progressed to management in 2004. He laughs when asked if he wanted to work in this field as a child: “When I was a child, life was completely different! We didn’t have phones or internet, and people didn’t travel much, so we didn’t have a global vision of the world like we do now. I dreamed of becoming a parachutist, so really, nothing to do with what I do today“.

Philippe discovered Ÿnsect thanks to Françoise, Ÿnsect’s Financial Director, whom he knew for many years and invited him to join the adventure: “she asked me to meet Jean-Gabriel and Antoine. I went and met two amazing people who convinced me of the choice. I knew I wanted to pursue my career in a company like theirs“. For him, Ÿnsect is above all an ambitious, innovative and human-centered company. “Everyone in the company is listened to and heard. It’s really an empowering experience at every level”. He chose solidarity among the company’s values: “at first I would have said balance, but I’m going to pick solidarity because it’s a collective project: we all move forward together“.

He believes that the most important quality in his daily work is communication: 

It’s a job of contact, so it’s essential to know how to address people, to be honest with them and above all, respect them“. Among the projects he is most proud of, Philippe doesn’t hesitate: “It is the period we have just gone through that has shown the resilience of our people, our ability to find solutions, and to stick together“. Philippe wishes to pass on his knowledge to new generations to continue the positive momentum: “Young people are more and more ecologically aware: they have just as much to teach us as we have to teach them“. Philippe is a combination of perseverance and friendliness!

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