Ÿnsect – Laurence Dupuch, Head of Office Management


Get to know Laurence, the queen of organization at Ÿnsect

Organization at Ÿnsect would not be the same without Laurence. She arrived in 2018 as Office Manager and now holds the position of the Head of Office Management. After getting trained from IAE in Business Management, Laurence had many experiences before joining Ÿnsect. She started her career as a Bilingual Executive Assistant for Squadron before creating her own company, Decodom, in the construction sector. After that, Laurence worked in many industries: automotive, audiovisual production, pharmaceuticals… She even worked on the “Investissements d’Avenir” at the ANR as an Administrative Manager, then Secretarial Manager for the agency President. Throughout her career, Laurence never stopped learning: “I have had lifelong learning during my career, always acquiring new skills and strengthening my knowledge“. For the past three years, she has been working with our Ÿnsecters, to make their lives easier: “at Ÿnsect, I am in charge of cross-functional organization projects and setting up tools and procedures that enable Ÿnsecters to work under the best possible conditions“.


For her, there are no problems, only solutions, and this started from her very first day at Ÿnsect. It was “quite a unique day because a post intrinsic to the structure of the building got damaged. So I got into the swing of things very quickly ! “. Luckily, Laurence ‘s favorite part of her job is coming up with practical solutions. Among the projects she is most proud of at Ÿnsect, she names her latest: “the move to the new Yncorp office really was a team and cross-functional effort.” For her, the essential skills to do her job well are “determination, openness and organization“.


Laurence joined Ÿnsect for “the purpose and ambition of the mission“. Today, she doesn’t regret her choice because it has led her to meet colleagues and teams with whom she shares values and ambitions: “one of my fondest memory at Ÿnsect is the first workshop I attended with all the employees when I arrived“. Among the company’s values, Laurence identifies the most with authenticity: “this is the value that speaks to me the most, but above all, it defines me as a person and colleague“.

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