#Ÿnsecter – Portait of Agathe Darret, food business development manager


Discover the portrait of Agathe, the bold Ÿnsecter.

Agathe is an agronomist who recently graduated from UniLaSalle and specialised in marketing and business development. As part of her final year of her master’s degree, she did her end-of-study internship at Ÿnsect before being hired as food business development manager. “I wanted to be an agronomist for a long time already. And for my internship, I chose Ÿnsect because of the scope of the project and because I liked it. So I tried to get in touch with them, and it worked! ” On a daily basis, Agathe works closely with the company’s R&D department and the business development division to which she is attached. Her main task? To develop Ÿnsect’s activity in the food sector.



As a child, Agathe was already passionate about nature and spent most of her time outside observing her surroundings. It is this curiosity that she uses to describe the qualities needed for her work: “The most important thing is to stay curious and not be afraid to pursue projects where people don’t expect you! You must not hesitate to approach new partners, to consider working with them. In fact, you should always be open to opportunities that may arise, so that you never close off any avenues“. According to her, working at Ÿnsect means being part of an innovative project, but above all one that is environmentally committed and of which she is very proud: “every time I talk to clients about what I do, they are surprised and want to know more! 



Reflecting on her recruitment at Ÿnsect, Agathe considers herself lucky to have been able to seize this opportunity: “What I like the most is to be able to keep learning, to meet so many different people and to acquire knowledge in every field. It’s really rewarding for a first job “. And it is in adaptability that Agathe feels most strongly about Ÿnsect’s values: “Despite a complicated context, we adapted quickly in order to keep in touch and to continue to exchange and learn together“. We couldn’t finish the interview without asking her what she thought we would eat in the future. Agathe laughs as she imagines her plate in 10 years: “I think we will eat much less meat. I even want to say that we will eat less processed products, but above all, I hope that we will eat insects“.


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