#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of David Monnier, expert in intralogistics


From metallurgy to insect breeding, discover the portrait of David, the engineer in pursuit of adventure.

“When I saw the job offer, I realised how challenging this industry is,” said David. He’s an engineering graduate from the French Ecole des Mines, where he completed his entire post-baccalaureate training on a part-time basis, the very first batch of students to experience this type of training at the time. After several years in the metallurgy sector, from the transformation of semi-finished products to finished products, he then worked in the multi-material industry on the transformation of wood, plastic and paperboard for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Then, he joined the automotive industry as a European project manager at first. He quickly became certified as a Lean Six Segma Black Belt, and carried out several projects in Italy, Germany and Great Britain. Within the same group, he became more focused and moved to a unit in Amiens where he was responsible for an autonomous production unit and then took over the site’s logistical responsibilities. However, the automotive crisis hit the Amiens site’s activity hard and David made a professional move and decided to work in another sector. Through service companies and distribution logistics, for Norbert Dentressangle (which became XPO Logistics), among others. David worked alongside the biggest names in French luxury products and mass distribution. Later on, his interest in the transformation of this profession naturally led him to 4.0 logistics, robotisation and automation of distribution logistics but also production logistics for industry.

Spotted by Ÿnsect’s HR team, David accepted the challenge : « In the industry, few companies like Ynsect offer such extraordinary adventures and with so much meaning ! »


At Ÿnsect, David is working with the ŸNGE team on the design of the vertical farm in Amiens. He is one of those who take care of fostering the insects and ensuring that they are reared in « optimal conditions » : which means management of internal flows within the breeding of tens of thousands of rearing boxes per day. For now, he is working in Paris but will soon be joining the teams in Amiens. David is very conscious of ecological and environmental problems « I am proud to work in a company that makes more sense than just a label ! I am thinking about the future I will offer my children and our planet ». This is one of his daily motivations.


According to him, to work at Ÿnsect, you have to be able to continually adapt, particularly to the living world and its constraints. You also have to be realistic, factual and of course keep one’s feet firmly on the ground while looking far ahead. You also have to be proactive. There are 150 Ÿnsecters involved in the construction of the building. And when asked how he would describe Ÿnsect, David smiles : « It’s something unimaginable, you have to be a bit crazy to get into it! But in the end, it’s quite realistic because it responds to a real need, feeding animals, plants and people ».


In his daily life, David particularly appreciates the exchange of knowledge, the « breath of knowledge » that everyone can absorb. « Everyone talks about the culture, you don’t feel the hierarchy and everyone talks about their passions ». For him, it’s a real adventure that is beginning but far from over!

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