#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of Audrey Bellanger, Head of Personnel Administration


Discover the portrait of Audrey, the Ÿnsecter who wears differents hats

After graduating from IFAG, a business school dedicated to entrepreneurship, Audrey worked in human resources in various companies such as FAF.TT, Buffalo Grill and Weinmann. In 2020, after 9 years at Weinmann, Audrey joined the family of Ÿnsecters as the Head of Personnel Administration. What’s her role on a daily basis ? She is the Ÿnsecters’ privileged contact for all administrative aspects : from welcoming new recruits to reviewing contracts, including payroll, holidays and medical check-ups, et.a.l. Audrey manages it all !

According to her, the most important element in carrying out her daily tasks is « Listening. To be able to work closely with each other, you have to be available, empathic and always propose solutions to any problems that may arise ». She also stresses the importance of rigour and being methodical : « When you work in an administrative department, it is essential to be organised and efficient ». Her responsabilities enable her to work alongside Ÿnsecters from all backgrounds. The Ÿnsect value in which she identifies with the most is solidarity : « Together, I am convinced that we can achieve great and beautiful things ».

This new job is a continuation of her daily life : it is very fulfilling. « I am involved in many projects and I am very involved in the life of my community ». Audrey is a member of her town council and supports the implementation of many local projects. But that’s not all, she is also very active in ecology-related fields : « I have carried out a training course on the climate Fresco so that I can present it to my staff, my colleagues at the town hall, in schools, etc… » As a freediver and marine animal enthusiast, she is also very concerned about protecting our oceans. So when the job opened up at Ÿnsect, she didn’t think twice before joining the company.

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