#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of Yann Maarek, automatician at Ÿnsect


Discover the portrait of Yann, the creative automatician working for the living.

What makes Yann most proud everyday is to have a positive impact on those around him. He achieves this mainly through his work, serving an ambitious project designed to provide an answer to the food and environmental challenges of our time. « This project is just crazy ! It’s endless, every day is new ».


After earning his BTS in electrical engineering, Yann worked in several companies where he developed standards for many industrial machines still in use today. He joined Ÿnsect as an automatician. « My best memory is the day when I was told that a great job, made for me, was available in a new startup with an ambitious project ». To explain the automatician’s function, he compares it to life : « In a factory, the muscles are the mechanics, the nerves are the sensors and the brain is the automaton. And I program these automatons ».


To do his job, he doesn’t hesitate for a second : « You have to be rigourous, yes, but above all you have to be curious to learn and continue to learn everyday ». He also relies on the need to be creative in order to surpass oneself. « Ÿnsect is an incredible project, but above all it is innovative and ingenious. But for it to work, you need teams that embody the passion of this project. That’s why all the Ynsecters are in my opinion, artists ».

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