#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of Charlotte Oundjian, laboratory technician


Discover the portrait of Charlotte, passionate about the living and a fierce defender of a world where ecology is a priority.

As a child, Charlotte dreamed of becoming a veterinarian but she eventually chose a slightly different path. After getting a degree in general biology, Charlotte joined Ÿnsect where she works  as a laboratory technician. Her role ? She works mainly on the beetles nutrition and collaborates with different project managers : “I am very proud of the centrality of my job : I am the only technician on a team of about ten people“. On a daily basis, Charlotte is in charge of raw material stocks but also of other projects at  Ÿnsect’s laboratories.


If I had to choose the Ÿnsect value that I identify with the most, I would say  it is adaptability ! I have to handle different teams and projects on a daily basis“. The ability to adapt is essential to her job, in addition to the manual skills required, because a large part of the job consists of carrying out many laboratory tests which require extraordinary patience!


When we asked her why she chose to join the Ÿnsecter family, Charlotte didn’t think twice: “for the innovative project ! ” then she smiles “and also because I am an environmentalist who likes the idea of replacing the meat regularly consumed by animals, with insects”. Moreover, it is the challenge and the promising aspect of Ÿnsect that convinced her.


Day-to-day, Charlotte is surrounded by people.  She works with  several teams : “I really like the fact that I can work with people with different backgrounds, but also that we can learn from each other. The transmission of knowledge is a real strength in a team“.


For the future, Charlotte hopes that Ÿnsect’s mission will reach as many people as possible in order to “raise awareness and interest in ecology, keep your fingers crossed“.

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