#Ÿnsecter – Dhia Krid, project coordinator for industrial IT methods


« My journey is a bit unusual , not really linear» smiles Dhia. A native of Tunisia, Dhia  graduated with a degree in industrial engineering. For 2 years, she worked in the automobile industry where she held a position as a methods and continuous improvement engineer. At the end of these two years, she made  the decision to leave her country and to come to France, in search of new opportunities. « I am someone who likes to get out of her comfort zone ». Thus, she returned to school and entered a specialised Master’s degree in management and industrial engineering in Lyon, during which she was required to complete a 6-month internship. That’s how she learned about Ÿnsect. « It all began with an end-of-study internship in fact ».  At the end of her experience, Dhia was  hired as project coordinator for industrial IT methods at Ÿnsect.


What touched her the most during her first 6 months at Ÿnsect, was the human dimension of the company. She explained that even during job interviews, she really felt the  humanity from her managers. « I had never felt that elsewhere ! The first day of work, I got lost on the way to Evry. I was anxious but my managers came to get me ! They left their meeting to come and find me and show me the way, I was really touched by their concern. Afterwards I realized that  this team atmosphere really suited me and I was convinced  that I was in the right place ».


To do her job, Dhia says: « Above all, you have to be passionate, it’s important to love what you do! Rigour is also important, even if the right to make mistakes exists, to be successful the first time is better. I would also say that it is essential to be attentive : to others and to work. You also have to know how to listen to all the information that comes in to be well informed, but also to your team. In my work, the team is central. »


Specialised in continuous improvement, Dhia likes to constantly push the limits of what has been achieved. What she likes about her job is to combine industrial innovation and technology with information systems. What she likes most about her daily work is her team « even if we’re not a big team, it’ s great. We complement each other in work, but also humanly. »


Before joining the Ÿnsecters, Dhia admits that she was not sensitive to ecological and environmental issues « it was when I visited the site that things changed ». Today, Dhia is convinced of the validity of her mission and believes that she is working for the future. «  As I became aware of the necessity of our mission, it was not for ecological reasons or personal convictions on this topic that I applied for the job. It was above all for the mission. »


When we asked her what we will eat in 10 years, Dhia smiles « I’ll be glad when Ÿnmeal for Humans and other insect based products arrive ! »

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