#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of Myriem Bouziane, Feedstock & Product Management Officer


Get to know Myriem, the Ÿnsecter who makes sure our mealworms are well-fed

Myriem graduated from UniLaSalle as an Agronomy Engineer and has been part of Ÿnsect since 2016. Before that, and as part of her training, Myriem had different experiences, among which Research Officer for the Paignton Environmental Park Zoo, Audit Assistant at GAEC Le Colombier, an agricultural association, and Study Officer for RIKILT Wageningen, an independent Research Institute. These different experiences led Myriem to work in several countries, including England and the Netherlands. It was during an internship in the Netherlands that she discovered Ÿnsect: “ I understood the challenge it represented: being able to work an innovative, a committed company, to which I wanted to make a contribution“. She then joined Ÿnsect as an R&D Project Manager before becoming eedstock and Product Management Officer.


Today, Myriem has been an) Ÿnsecters for 5 years. During this time, Myriem has participated in several projects of which she is very proud: “I am proud to work on the mealworm’s diet composition and on the quality control plan for the raw materials of the R&D center and Ÿnfarm“. Many projects testify to the cross-disciplinary nature of her position: “I am in constant contact with other Ÿnsecters and I am responsible  for meeting their needs and finding solutions“. According to her, the qualities essential to her job are curiosity, listening skills, and responsiveness: “You have to be able to understand and respond to mulitple demands from all kinds of people. ”


When asked her what her best memory from Ÿnsect is, Myriem responded fondly: “I have so many, it’s hard to choose! I would say all the good times and successes had with my colleagues! “. For Myriem, team spirit is priceless and is essential to succeed in facing challenges. It is in our value of adaptability that she finds her place: “it is the value that reflects me best, personally and professionally“. So it’s only natural that this new-age explorer is ready to integrate insects into her diet: In ten years, we will obviously all be eating the Tenebrio mealworm! “.

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