#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of Karine Rabier, HSQE manager


From meat-product marketing to quality control at Ynsect, discover Karine’s exciting journey

One of the reasons why Karine decided to join Ynsect was the company’s innovation. Very familiar with food issues, Karine’s career has been shaped by projects related to food. After getting a DUT in Food Industry, she specialized in food marketing techniques. Her first jobs led her to work with young farmers and then at the Institut Supérieur des Affaires Agricoles et Agroalimentaires. A few years later, Karine joined Jean Louis Amiotte, a butchery manufacturer, where she stayed for 20 years. When she joined the company, Karine first held the position of Progress Coordinator and later became the Multi-site Quality Manager. This position allowed her to have a number of responsibilities and to handle a wide range of tasks. From daily reporting to the general management to management of the quality system, not to mention project management and customer relations, Karine was involved at many levels.


So what led Karine to leave the pigs for the mealworm? She smiles, “I wanted to keep working on food-related issues, but this time answering the question: how can we successfully feed the world of tomorrow ?“. According to her, Ynsect had all the qualities required to take the plunge, providing an innovative, challenging, visionary and committed project. Today, Karine is in charge of implementing and managing the quality, safety and environment policy at the Dole site. To do her job, Karine says: “You absolutely have to be a good listener, show empathy, and know how to listen to everyone’s needs and recommendations in order to carry out your missions. But you also need to be able to analyze, anticipate, understand and resolve all issues“.

If I had to choose, I think that solidarity is the value of Ynsect that speaks to me the most. Together, we go faster and farther and, above all, we learn from each other“. This is what Karine likes the most about her job: being in contact with the teams and sharing experience, knowledge and expertise…


At Ynsect, Karine has found the job she was looking for: a promising project led by passionate collaborators and where everyone “works seriously without taking themselves too seriously and, above all, is guided by a common goal: to change the world“.

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