#Ÿnsecter – Portrait of Anne-Mathilde Bobert, Purchaser at Ÿnsect


Get to know Anne-Mathilde, the buyer seeking out big projects

My journey has been a unique one,” says Anne-Mathilde, recalling her various professional experiences. “At first, I was a sensory engineer in charge of expert and consumer panels, that train peope in tasting“. After graduating with a Master’s degree in science and technology, taste and environment, Anne-Mathilde worked for 13 years for a tobacco company. “At this point, I wanted to take a different career path, so I went back to school to complete a Master’s degree in purchasing at ESSEC“. She then joined Danone for 6 months.


What I missed at Danone was real passion to the products. I was just coming out of tobacco and I wanted to work for a company I felt really good about“. Anne-Mathilde discovered Ynsect on LinkedIn where she came across a job offer; but unfortunately, she applied too late.  I was then offered a consulting position that I wasn’t really interested in, and when the person in the position I wanted resigned, I finally got the job of my dreams!” she says laughing.


At Ynsect, she holds the position of OPEX buyer: specializing in consumables, she is in charge of all kinds of purchases, from insect feed to intellectual services, including all services and subcontracting. In her job, she believes it is essential to be a good listener: “I have to understand the expectations of my clients, who are actually my colleagues, but I also have to be proactive and anticipate them“.


What I love most is being able to help the Ynsecters who are in turn helping the world! I never have the same day twice.” Among Ynsect’s values, exploring is what Anne-Mathilde identifies with most: “It sums up the buyer’s job. We explore, look for new suppliers, and new products“.

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