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    Since 2011, Ÿnsect has been transforming farmed insects into premium animal nutrition. We are developing innovations to farm insects at large scale and automating processes to turn insects into the highest quality raw materials for animal feed. Our unique know-how makes Ÿnsect a preferred partner among agri-food professionals, laboratories, investors, public institutions, and insect industry farmers.


    We are leaders in entomoculture, coleoculture and molityculture

    Just as the fish industry coined the term, aquaculture, we call ours coleoculture: the farming of beetles, the most biodiverse insect in the world. This family offers the most promising insect species for high quality and large scale insect farming.  Among beetles, Ÿnsect has picked up Tenebrio Molitor – so called mealworm, developing then molityculture.

    Ÿnsect is the undisputed global leader in coleoculture and molityculture – mealworm production, eclipsing current mealworm industry capacity by 3x, and owning largest global patent portfolio in this area.


    Molitor: the insect of choice for premium nutrition

    Ÿnsect’s flagship product is ŸnMeal, a powder derived from farmed mealworm larvae. ŸnMeal is the only insect protein that shows considerable benefits to animal growth and health compared to fishmeal-based diets (Discover our studies). The Molitor is rich in high quality protein, as well as other essential nutrients for human, animal and plant health.

    Besides, it is a gregarious and nocturnal species, which make its farming easier. It has been widely-studied by scientists, and passionate people have been already farming this insect everywhere in the world from decades.


    Guaranteed traceability and purity

    Ÿnsect feeds its Molitor with natural ingredients from fully traceable, contaminant-free for instance, cereal-based by-products such as wheat bran.

    The farm-hill, our vertical insects farm

    Insects can build complex, efficient structures to support their populations. Ants, for example, use tunnel networks to access stacked, vertical alcoves with eggs, larvae, and adults. These tunnels optimize air flow to ventilate the entire ant hill structure.

    Inspired by this insect ingenuity, we’ve built vertical farms of Molitor – mealworm beetles. We call them ‘Farm-hills’, in reference to their inspired-by-nature origin (according to the principle of biomimicry, drawing inspiration from nature).

    We farm and transform our insects in France. Juvenile insect larvae feed and grow under controlled, optimal conditions for several weeks.  When they reach mealworm mature stage, we steam, sterilize, and process 95% of our mealworm into premium proteins and oils, without any chemical agents. The remaining 5% become adults and reproduce to renew the juvenile population.

    Ÿnsect: dedicated to Sustainability and Responsibility

    Ÿnsect’s corporate responsibility is deeply rooted along the entire value chain. We source fully traceable contaminant-free feedstock through local suppliers where possible, and enforce human standards for insect rearing. We transform every insect into high value products with zero waste and low ecological impact. Ÿnsect takes pride in maintaining quality relationships with people, too!