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    All human activity has an effect on our environment. At Ÿnsect, we are aware of this and consider it our responsibility to implement actions to limit and reduce our impact as much as possible. This is why in 2019 we created a transversal department called “Impact”. The aim of this department is to qualify, measure and calculate the consequences of our activities on the world around us, and to encourage our teams to always do better. It is this famous “more with less” that encourages us to improve on a daily basis.


    It is within this framework that we carry out life cycle analyses (LCA), the most advanced tool in terms of global and multi-criteria evaluation of environmental impacts, with the firm Quantis. This standardized method makes it possible to measure the quantifiable effects of products or services on the environment. Life cycle assessment (LCA) identifies and quantifies the physical flows of material and energy associated with human activities throughout the life of a product. It evaluates the potential impacts and then interprets the results obtained according to its initial purpose.


    On the strength of the initial results, in 2019 we launched our “rewilding the world” program in partnership with associations and citizen initiatives. This program aims to protect biodiversity and wildlife areas in the most effective, collaborative and legally binding way possible.


    Our objective is simple:

    To return at least as many horizontal surfaces to wildlife as those saved by Ÿnsect’s vertical farms, as and when they open.



    In numbers :


    Current surface area of farms within Ÿnsect’s vertical farms:

    •  1 site to 88 hectares site freed from production constraints

    Number of backup partnerships currently in place: 3

    Area of wildlife protected by our program :

    • Direct arrow: 2 hectares protected
    • Indirect arrow: 370 hectares protected


    Ÿnsect commits this “freed land” to biodiversity.