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    Methods Engineer Engineering Project Leader: Breeding Operation 4.0 (M/F)

    Our highly automated technologies rely on a perfect control of our infrastructure, processes, software packages, methods and associated documents.
    Ynsect’s professions
    The mission: the methodologies of breeding monitoring

    • Type of contract : CDI
    • Localisation : Paris area (travel is likely, notably in France and in Europe)
    • Availability : ASAP
    • Remuneration : According to the profile

    Your mission

    The purpose is to act as a “go-to person” and head of project on the general topic of improvement of the operation of real-time breeding based on direct feedback from our breeding units by combining the know-how of Ynsect’s breeders, quality methods & digital power as closely as possible.

    This occurs through the creation and deployment of technical and process innovation.
    The position is in essence a cross-sectional position from the factory (operation & quality) to engineering & R&D

    • Online data collection / Image analysis / Supervised learning
    • Lab design requirement / Sample collection / Sample analysis
    • Information system / Knowledge Management
    • Breeding operation / Governance, Decision, Escalation / rework / decisions trees

    Required Skills

    • General engineer
    • At least 5 to 7 years of experience on topics of complex engineering in the factory combining digital and shop floor
    • Strong interest for technology and the industry
    • A first successful experience in automated image analysis is a must have
    • Structured and analytical, you like versatility and know how to manage your time
    • Good written and oral communication, good interpersonal skills
    • Sense of initiative, the candidates likes to innovate and invent (is drawn to the blank pages!)
    • Conscientious and open-minded, the candidate is naturally curious.
    • Sense of team work