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  • AdalbaPro Whole Buffalo Powder (WBP)

    Whole food powder with excellent nutritional properties

    AdalbaPro Whole Buffalo Powder (WBP) is a nutrient-dense, whole food powder made from 100% Alphitobius diaperinus.


    Excellent nutritional properties combined with a mild, nutty flavor allow for a wide range of possible applications.

    Why AdalbaPro WBP?

    Our customers love AdalbaPro WBP for the following reasons:

    All natural

    Complete protein source containing all essential amino acids

    Rich in vitamins and minerals

    Source of dietary fiber

    Source of healthy fats

    Mild, nutty flavor


    Soy-, dairy-, and egg-free

    Application Categories

    • Snacks

    • Bakery Products

    • Pasta

    • Cereals

    • Meat analogues

    Nutritional values WBP per 100 g

    Energy (kcal)  510
    Protein (g)       59,6
    Fat (g)              28,7
    Fibers (g)         3,7
    Salt (g)             0,9
    Calcium (mg) 52
    Iron (mg)         5,1
    Moisture (%)    2