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  • AdalbaPro Fiber Textured Insect Protein (FTIP)

    Cooks just like meat and can be easily customized

    AdalbaPro Fiber Textured Insect Protein (FTIP) is an innovative food ingredient from Protifarm that is similar to tofu. FTIP is rich in digestible protein and iron and cooks just like meat making it a great replacer or extender for meat or meat alternative products.

    Its strong emulsification properties also make it a unique alternative to dairy or eggs in a variety of formulations including bakery products. AdalbaPro FTIP’s neutral flavor can be easily customized and enables endless versatility.

    Why AdalbaPro FTIP?

    Our customers love AdalbaPro FTIP for the following reasons:

    All natural

    Complete protein source containing all essential amino acids

    Rich in vitamins and minerals

    Excellent bioavailability

    Functional for meat, dairy, or egg replacement

    Browns like meat


    Soy- dairy-, and egg-free

    Application Categories

    • Meat alternatives

    • Patties & sausages

    • Loose minced meat

    • Emulsified and restructured product

    • Pizza toppings

    • Patés

    • Baking

    • Ice cream

    Nutritional values FTIP per 100g

    Energy (kcal) 105

    Protein (g)      12

    Fat (g)             9

    Fibers (g)         3

    Salt (g)            0.2

    Calcium (mg) 3200

    Iron (mg)         2.3