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  • AdalbaPro Fiber Powder (FP)

    Fiber fortification for a broad range of applications

    AdalbaPro Fiber Powder is rich in dietary fiber and high-quality proteins.


    Its high fiber content allows for fiber fortification in a broad range of applications.

    Why AdalbaPro FP?

    Our customers love AdalbaPro FP for the following reasons:

    All natural

    High in dietary fibre

    High in protein

    Rich collection of minerals & vitamins


    Soy-, dairy-, and egg-free

    Application Categories

    • Protein bars

    • Cereals

    • Crisps

    Nutritional values FP per 100 g

    Energy (kcal)  496
    Protein (g)       57
    Fat (g)              27,7
    Fibres (g)         9,8
    Salt (g)             0,4
    Calcium (mg) 75,2
    Iron (mg)         6,8
    Moisture (%)   3,6